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In 1998, 29 year old Eric Bermen of Florida began dating a local girl whose 6'-4" ninety year old father possessed "the largest hands I'd ever shaken," he said. Over time, "Big Ed," as he was known locally, revealed to the younger man that his real name was Otto Skorzeny, legendary SS (Schutzstaffel) commando of World War II fame, personal bodyguard to Adolf Hitler, and subsequent life-long CIA operative.But that was just the beginning.

In the months prior to Skorzeny's death in December of 1999, Skorzeny revealed to Berman some of the most mind boggling information ever made available concerning the whereabouts and activities of major personalities of the Third Reich who were either declared dead by historians or otherwise reported to have been living in undisclosed locations abroad .

Skorzeny's lifelong circle of intimate associates-many living in the United States- included Martin Bormann, Josef Mengele, Alois Brunner, Walter Rauff, and Reinhard Gehlen. An even more surprising revelation from Skorzeny, however, involved two domestic Nazis operatives, both well known to the American public: Prescott Sheldon Bush and his "son", George Herbert Walker Bush, the 41st President of the United States.

To buttress his story, Skorzeny produced a shoebox filled with over one hundred photographs spanning a period of more than sixty years and gave them to Berman. The photos were of the usual family poses taken at weddings, anniversaires, holidays, or family reunions in the decades between the 1930's and the 1990's, but what made these photos highly extraordinary was the identity of the individuals seen within those photographs. The shoebox photos show Otto Skorzeny posing with the above named Third Reich personalites, along with additional photographs showing Skorzeny posing with Prescott Bush, his wife, Dorothy Walker Bush, and their son, George Herbert Walker Bush. To say that Berman was in the "right place, at the right time" and was handed what may turn out to be the biggest story to ever come down the pike, is the understatement of the century.

Following Skorzeny's death on December 31, 1999, Bermen gathered additional information about Skorzeny's Nazi cohorts and put the entire story -together with 60 or 70 of Skorzeny's shoebox photos- into a copyrighted unpublished manuscript.

Skorzeny told Bermen that his motive for revealing his information was to exact revenge against George Bush, along with his former Nazi cohorts, for cheating him out of large sums of money during his lifetime. Skorzeny apparently knew he was going to die and felt that Eric Bermen- who is Jewish-would get out the story (it's hard to know for certain if this is the true and only motivation for Skorzeny's revelations. While it sounds logical and typical of human behavior, you would think that Skorzeny would be concerened about his wife and kids after he was gone. It's possible that the revenge angle may be the cover story for a much deeper plot. Considering the vast power that Martin Bormann and the Bormann Organization held with many of the biggest corporations around the globe (over 750), it could be that Bormann and the other aging Nazis may want the story out, as a testament to their Triumph of the Will, so to speak. The late Paul Manning suggested such a recognition/legacy scenario in his 1981 book, Martin Bormann, Nazi in Exile, but this is merely speculation on my part. Revenge alone may have been Skorzeny's primary motivation).

Skorzeny published books about his World War II exploits in varied editions starting in 1950

Some of the more explosive highlights of Skorzeny's revelations include:

1. the true identity and Nazi-planned subversive mission of George Herbert Walker Bush, 41st President of the United States; alleged to have been brought into America (with Skorzeny as his body guard) and covertly adopted by Trading-with-The-Enemy convictee Prescott Bush. Skorzeny claimed that GHW Bush's real birth name was George H. Scherff, Jr., son of George Scherff, Sr., German born assistant to inventor Nikola Tesla. Young George allegedly spent his first years in America snooping around Tesla's lab, helping his father (Geroge Scherff Sr.) in the 1930's steal or glean whatever they could of Tesla's work and report back to Germany. Tesla had casually remarked to an artisan couple named Rey who had recently emigrated to the United States, of the mischievous and devious prying nature of a "little monkey" around his lab whom he had dubbed "curious George." This character would later become the basis of the children's book series, "Curious George"

2. Skorzeny's role (with Reinhard Gehlen) in the assassination of Nikola Tesla (suffocation) on January 6, 1943 after tricking Tesla on January 5 into revealing the full details of his most important discoveries and then stealing his most valuable inventions, along with the contents of his safe, which were delivered to Hitler,

3. the faked April 1945 "suicide" of Hitler in the Berlin bunker (corroborating the 1948 CIA interrogation of Gestapo Chief Heinrich Mueller, the Nordon Report, and the Russian 1946 Investigative Committee report to Stalin)

4. Skorzeny's pivotal role in consolidating the intelligence assets of the Nazi Gestapo and the Nazi-infiltrated OSS (Office of Strategic Services) into the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in 1947, working with George Herbert Walker Bush (Nazi infiltrator George H. Scherff, Jr.), Nazi SS spy master Reinhard Gehlen, "Wild Bill" Donovan (compromised), and fifth columnist, Allen Foster Dulles. Skorzeny claimed central responsibility for setting up the Odessa operation to surreptitiously relocate 50,000 (FIFTY THOUSAND) Nazis into North and South America with CIA complicity and protection,

5. Skorzeny's claim that Reinhard Gehlen, Josef Mengele, and George HW Bush directly participated in JFK's assassination

and other Nazi-inspired plots which I won't list here, but are explored more completely in Eric Bermen's The Bush Connection CD (below).

Don Nicoloff published an extremely thorough and well researched treatise in two parts in April 2007 in the Idaho Observer titled "Deathbed Confessions, photos support claims that George H. Scherf(f), Jr., was the 41st U.S. president" ) Don takes the Bermen/Skorzeny information to a much higher level of investigative research. In a recent phone conversation, Don told me that he was working on the Bush/Walker genealogy deception for nearly a year before discovering Eric Berman's astounding information. With Skorzeny's revelations, he was able to nail down many loose ends and has put together the most damming evidence to date that Prescott Sheldon Bush and George Herbert Walker Bush (and other members of the Bush/Walker clans) are not who they claim to be and are in fact German born infiltrators and fifth columnists secreted into America. The Skorzeny photo seen at the top of Don Nicoloff's article may prove to be the most important photo of the entire Skorzeny collection; perhaps the Photo of the Century. It's shows a "family" group pose likely taken in a Bavarian or Alpine lodge location owned by the Scherff family in the 1930's that purports to include Martin Bormann, Reinhard Gehlen, Josef Mengele, Otto Skorzeny, George H. Scherff, Jr (GHW Bush), Prescott Bush, "Mother" Scherff , and likely Dorothy Walker Bush (I will present another article, Part 2, dealing with the personalities seen within this photograph).

If you search the name "Otto Skorzeny" on the internet, historical archives will indicate that he died in Madrid, Spain in 1975, but .Skorzeny told Berman that the date of his supposed death in 1975 was faked by the CIA, as were the supposed "deaths" of many of the Third Reich's most notable names. The Third Reich intelligence apparatus, under General Reinhard Mueller, towards the end of the war, faked many "deaths" as well, in anticipation of losing World War II. Martin Bormann went so far as to have a look-alike prisoner in one of the Nazi concentration camps fitted with the exact dental work that Bormann had so that they could use this person's body to fake the "forensic dental evidence" of Bormann's death-which is exactly what was perpetrated in the news in 1972 and again in 1998.

Martin Bormann
No central figure of the Third Reich has generated more speculation and controversy than Reichsleiter Martin Bormann. He proved to be the most cunning, capable, and intelligent master chess player of the Third Reich. Towards the latter half of the war, no one could get to see Hitler without Bormann's approval. Hitler invested his total trust in Bormann alone and assigned to Bormann full control of the Third Reich in his Last Will signed in the final days at the Berlin bunker. Bormann came to realize that Germany could not win the war and made extensive preparations to export Third Reich brain power, personnel, stolen assets and technological secrets out of Germany before the allies could seize them.

Comparing Third Reich Photos of Bormann to Skorzeny's Photos
The first three rows of photos below are official Third Reich photos taken off the internet of Martin Bormann in the 1930's and 1940's in which I've cropped Bormann's head to fill most of the frame. Following these nine photographs, there are five rows of head-cropped photographs from Otto Skorzeny's shoe box collection available from Eric Bermen's CD that Skorzeny claimed are photos of the same Martin Bormann. In each of Skorzeny's photos, I cropped out and magnified the head area alone of the man that Skorzeny claims is Martin Bormann. Skorzeny told Bermen that Bormann used the alias of "Ed Kobylarz".

The first thing you should note is that a smiling Martin Bormann presents a much different appearance than a closed mouth, unsmiling, serious, Aryan tough guy pose that the Nazis wanted to project in their official photographs. The last photo (3rd row) of the official, Third Reich Bormann photos shows Bormann smiling while standing next to Hitler and looking down at the papers in Hitler's hands. Notice how the appearance of his teeth -especially the gaps between his teeth (the central gap being the widest)- seem to match perfectly the gaps seen in the teeth of Bormann as a boy of 10 or 11 years of age in the first row of Skorzeny's cropped photos.

In the two Skorzeny cropped black and white photos of Bormann with glasses, you will notice that this man looks YOUNGER than the Third Reich Bormann of the 1930's and 1940's, however, Skorzeny told Bermen that Mengele and Bormann had multiple facelifts and plastic surgeries and this may account for the more youthful appearance. The gaps in Bormann's teeth seem to remain unchanged. You can decide for yourself whether Skorzeny's photos are of the Reichsleiter or not, but you should bear in mind that most of Skorzeny's photos which included Bormann, also included Skorzeny, Reinhard Gehlen, Alois Brunner, Josef Mengele and Walter Rauff. Skorzeny, Brunner, and Gehlen are easy to recognize from their Nazi era photographs and apparently have not had any plastic surgery done to alter their appearance. Mengele, Rauff and Bormann are harder to identify with certainty from their Nazi era photos. All dates indicated for the Skorzeny photos are taken from Eric Bermen's CD, The Bush Connection. I cannot guarantee that they are accurate.The 21st century dates shown for Bormann photos after Skorzeny's death in December of 1999 don't make sense to me, but I'm reporting what's stated on the Bermen CD.
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